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    In Chinese Medicine, there are five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each element is connected to different qualities, organ systems, mental-emotional patterns, diet and lifestyle recommendations, and a different season.

    Here is a brief overview.

    Earth is unique in that it lies in the center of the seasons and within each of the seasonal transitions, asking us to remain centered and grounded within the transformation.

    Think roots, fruition, change, clarity, community, transition and support.

    The earth element represents the transition between seasons, like stage of the year that we are now in as we transition into fall, which is represented by the metal element. Earth also represents metabolic function and the organs systems (Spleen, Pancreas, Stomach) involved in this process.

    It asks us to digest and process through our experiences, transform our thoughts into action, and to find balance within the ever changing.

    Metal represents fall. It asks us to begin to go within, cultivate space, breathe deeply and let go of what no longer serves us.

    Think pumpkin spice lattes, fresh air, reflection, communication and a good reset.

    The metal element represents the lungs and the large intestine organ systems, which have much to do with inhalation, exhalation, and the elimination of old and outdated patterns.

    Water represents winter, and it is all about intuition, depth and introspection.

    Think relaxation, rest, family, dreams, meditation, will power, and courage.

    The water element represents the endocrine system, the kidneys, and the urinary bladder. It asks us to switch into a calm and connected mode, rest and revive the spirit as we move forward into the new year.

    Wood represents the spring, and it is all about creation, growth and development.

    Think green, blooms, enthusiasm, strength, vision, new beginnings and life.

    The wood element represents the liver and gallbladder organ systems.

    It asks us to detox, cleanse and focus on growth and vitality.

    Fire represents the summer, and it is all about expansion, bright light and vibrant expression.

    Think upbeat, radiance, joy, laughter, flirtation, sweat, dancing and sunshine!

    The fire element represents the heart, pericardium and the small intestine. It asks us to lighten up, celebrate, appreciate and enjoy life.


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