How to Ease Stress and Anxiety in Light of the School Year

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    Lead: As an adult, you have been gifted the opportunity to care for this child. The better, the more present and available you are, the safer your child will feel. Here, it is important to check in with yourself to take care of another- stay clear, release toxic tendencies and put yourself and your family first. Honor your own path and choices forward while you use this as an opportunity to teach your children how powerful and courageous they are and able to do the same.

    Focus On What You Can Do: Focusing on how you show up and how you show up for your children is a way to send a consistent message to the system- even in the midst of uncertainty. Here, we can create an environment that is conducive to an experience of safety through open conversations, setting a schedule with a regular sleep-wake time, preparation, staying on task, showing up in a consistent way and creating health through healthy, nutrient-dense packed lunches, social interaction, the heart based practice and certain supplements that are gentle and safe in nature (feel free to reach out for advice). You can also play empowering Ted Talks, high vibe music and other media with a strong, beautiful message. On the flip side, you can turn off the news and other disempowering messages to free your child’s mind.

    Open Conversations: Throw out the pseudo talk and placation for real conversations with your children, connect, ask questions, and talk about information- with an open mind. Then, listen to what they have to say so you can hear them and help them resolve the issues that arise.

    Intentional Growth: Intentional growth requires us to step up and focus forward. This is a perfect time to do just that as we remember it is not only what it is, it’s what we make it, able to shift fear into new discussions, faith and opportunities for growth and development. Here, we can help our children remember who, what and where they truly are at all times.

    Seek the Bright Side: There is a message hidden within each experience. If we look for it, we’ll inevitably find it. Here, we can begin to create expansion within the system by opening to optimism, seeking the bright side, counting our blessings, celebrating each win, crediting accomplishments and recalling the times when our children surprised themselves with their own brilliance, helping them to internalize the power within reflective of all that they are and can do- building self-confidence, worth and esteem through encouragement and praise. If you are lost at where to start, you can begin with a simple gratitude practice and question- what are you grateful for today?

    What would you add? Thoughts, questions, notes?


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