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    Faith in ourselves as we are learning and growing can make it easier for us to focus on finding meaning and depth in the simplest choices. By taking experiences one step at a time, we begin to create an ecosystem that we can trust and relax into.

    • Stress Is Neither Good Or Bad: The first way to move through stress is to neutralize our perspective of it, then, from this place, we can clearly decide what we want to do with it and how.
    • Stress Is Synonymous With Life: Since stress is a part of life, we can learn to turn towards, skillfully navigate and rework rather than just simply trying to eliminate it. Simply eliminating it is rarely the answer- as roots can run deep and if left unaddressed will spring up in another area of our lives.
    • Some Stress Is Important To Remove: Once we take complete ownership, we can begin to see the choices clearly. If an experience of person is continuously bringing about states of distress versus expansion- our task becomes to see this clearly and make moves accordingly.
    • The Capacity To Handle Stress Lies Within: When we see ourselves as capability we become increasingly bigger and stress smaller and easier to handle, making it easier to receive from it.
    • The Truth: I can feel incapable but know that I am, in truth, capable. This changes everything and allows me to move forward in alignment with the truth as we work through the false belief systems that kept us stuck, frozen and in fight or flight. Here, we can learn to relax, breathe in and be with the truth as it sets us free.



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