How To Take Pride in Yourself and Your Choices

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    Momentum is built through a stacking of “good” choices that we take pride in. These choices are the ones that support, promote energy, build confidence and trust in ourselves and the process. You are the power behind them all- and the more you make choices from the truth of who, what and where you are- versus who, what and where you are not- the more pride you will naturally take in yourself and your choices even if they require courage and are not easy to make!

    • How can we begin to take pride in ourselves and in our choices?: We must first handle the patterns of guilt, shame, blame, etc. before choosing choices we are proud of. Then we can shine light on who, what, and where we truly are in an effort to reinforce and develop what we can be through what we are now. Instead of avoiding or burying the burn- you can begin to connect to it with your power and authority- as you are the only one who let the truth in and set yourself free in this way!
    • The Formula: To activate our pride we must raise the vibration and working definition of who, what, and where you are and are not until the path is clear. You can figure out what choices you are and are not proud of, make a list, and choose accordingly. Remember that these choices are easier done than said.
    • Contrast: When you start to see and understand the good and the bad patterns, you can identify the differences and choose the choices that align with your path.
    • What is the best choice for me in this moment?: When we can carve out space for this question, the answer will emerge. From here, we can identify our goals, dreams, and desires and build a pathway and trajectory that allows us to move forward one step at a time.
    • Rework Your Choices Until They Feel Right: If you are feeling dark, there is a reason. If you are feeling pride, there is also a reason. How can you rework your choices and your experiences to create a reality that you are proud to claim and be in? Next time you are feeling out of sorts, consider turning towards the pain to access the necessary change than can and will free you. Let reality put you in check, your life will benefit.


    How do you feel about you and your choices?


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