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    There are many places we can go but the 6 most common places are as follows:

    • Present: If you are in the present, you will feel completely here in your place of power, capable and able to “bring it” to and receive from your life- that nice balance
    • Past: If you are in the past, you will feel stuck, frustrated, guilty, angry, bitter, resentful and have a tendency toward depression.
    • Future: If you are in the future, you will have a tendency toward anxiety and feelings of nervousness and overwhelm.
    • Checked Out: If you are checked out, you will check out into something as a means of escape, for example, food, drugs, alcohol, exercise, social scenes, affairs, etc.
    • Limbo: If you are in limbo, you are just going through the motions, apathetic, resigned, unmotivated and stuck in indecision.
    • Lost: If you are lost, it means that no one is home. The harder you try to get out of it, the deeper you get caught up in it.

    As noted previously these are general indications, most people go between two or three of these places, but you can only be in one place at a time. To find out where you are now, follow these steps:

    THE FIRST STEP is to reflect and identify where you are now. If you are struggling to identify where you are, you may find it helpful to place your hand on your heart and simply ask, “where am I now?” Asking questions is one of the best tools to receive answers.

    THE SECOND STEP is to place your hand on your heart and choose to enter the present moment by speaking from your diaphragm and saying, “I choose to return from (the past, the future, limbo, being checked out, being lost) to the present moment.” Repeat this affirmation until you feel a shift take place or your power return.

    ONCE YOU ARE BACK keep your hand on your heart and reflect on what took you out of the moment? Was it a certain situation? Argument? Painful time or experience? Can you remember times when you were in the moment?

    After completing this exercise, you may be wondering why we would want to dwell anywhere but the present? Well, being in the present is much like turning on the light where you finally open your eyes to all of the issues you buried and have been holding onto for so long. This can be overwhelming for people, and I applaud those of you that are daring and courageous enough to enter and stay in the moment, as I know, very well, how challenging it can be. However, the gifts you receive by being here in the moment and addressing each challenge as it comes your way are beyond comprehension, and I would not trade my presence, my being here, for anything, nada.


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