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    Exploring all of your options, decisions and digging deep into your process will assist you in embracing and trusting it, and in it, yourself. The process is built to continuously lead you home to you because nobody knows what is best for you, besides you.

    • You Are the Authority: No one can and ever will know you or your body better than you do.
    • What Matters to You, Matters: If you have a question, if you have a thought, if you have a feeling, a want, a need or a desire it matters. When we judge what is within us as unimportant, it hides in the closet causing conflict versus when we allow it to hit the light of day to clear and make use and sense of it.
    • When Met with Resistance: Many practitioners shut questions down because they don’t know the answers. This is just a sign of insecurity, a survival reflex, when there is a need to be right or maintain the semblance of authority. In these moments, you can recognize this and still recognize your own questions and observations as valid- even if that person or organization does not.
    • Trust The Process: It’s easier to trust the process when you begin to trust yourself. This can accelerate when you remove the concepts of good and bad and broken for what is and isn’t and why.
    • Peace Through Presence, Presence Through Peace: Presence gives access to peace when we clear what causes upset and chaos and peace gives access to states of presence all of which can saturate our system creating the space to hear ourselves with increased clarity. If you are having trouble hearing your own inner voice taking time and space to yourself, like in meditation or through journaling, can be a helpful way to get in touch and open up and conversate.



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