Removing The Pattern Of Inferiority And Superiority To Be Yourself

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    You can remove the pattern of inferiority and superiority to be yourself. In order for growth to happen fully, it takes the awareness of negative patterns and the courage to rearrange accordingly. You can continue to clear the path by recognizing the noise and honoring your truth.

    • Superiority and Inferiority: Both patterns work together and distract from what is- because you can’t look up without also looking down and in this, we miss the point.
    • Removing Both: By connecting to who you truly are you can begin to focus in on your desires, talents and gifts and see how perfectly they work alongside and with others.
    • Letting Yourself Be Different: Through removing these patterns, you give yourself the opportunity to be yourself, to be different and to explore what is there without the tension of competition and comparison and a hierarchy that is not real. In this, depth and solidarity become increasingly available.
    • Joyfulness: Joy and fulfillment can only be found on the path into and through your own self and letting others breathe with an openness around you.
    • Plugging In: The more you plug in the deeper you will go and the more you anchor as you become the you-est you- in letting yourself break open the smallness and balance the distortion that comes with inferiority and superiority, you will find solid ground and balance in ways that will help you heal, grow and connect in an ever more enlightened way.


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