The 5 Benefits of Meditation

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    The benefits of meditation are wide ranging. It’s incredible how such a simple practice can have such a holistic impact.

    5 Major Benefits of meditation

    1. It is a new way to connect with yourself. It creates the statement of “I am important” and “I am setting the tone for my day” and “I am in control of my mind, body, heart, and life.” How often do you take time and space to reflect and connect with yourself, your body, your mind, heart and life as a whole? Setting aside the time to reflect states that you acknowledge your own importance. This allows you to explore the many aspects of yourself without losing yourself in them.
    2. It allows you to connect to your mind in a different way. You become the observer of your thoughts and feelings. You are returned home to the present moment. Research shows that we can access more expansive experiences within ourselves coming into pronounced states of coherence and even entering into theta and alpha brain states. The research continues to become increasingly robust, supporting what dedicated meditators already know and have described for thousands of years.
    3. You are able to connect with your heartbeat. How beautiful is it that you can regulate your experience through your breath and the power of your own heartbeat? You can interrupt any old + outdated pattern through this simple act. Through taking, even just 3 minutes to connect or with mindfulness that one moment, you can clear the noise and engage in change with your own awareness, simple breath work and feeling your own heartbeat.
    4. It allows you to connect with your true self. You are able to pay attention to your mind, body and your physiology differently like where the tension in your body lies and also what feels really good. When the system feels safe, we can more easily deepen into being versus trying and striving and the monotony of doing. This can be characterized by the shift from a sympathetic, fight-flight-freeze state, to parasympathetic, calm-connected-healing state.
    5. You are able to connect with your life experience very differently. You can begin to look at what is working, what isn’t working and why? It all leads into natural change and movement forward where the path may feel a bit clearer. It is because you have taken the time and space to re-enter into your life-experience just a little bit differently. It allows you to show up and become more available to all the areas of your life.

    A bonus benefit of meditation is that it is basically free medicine. We are able to tap into our own internal resource, our own heartbeat, and do whichever type of meditation works for you and actually begin to relieve pain, regulate digestion, and it promotes an improved state of well-being and mood. It also helps to clear anxiety, depression, and stress-related disorders.


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