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    What is power? In this context, your birthright- where you have complete command over your power of choice- to simply choose choices that are reflective of who you truly are and where you would like to go- where you are able to activate your power to choose how you perceive, respond to, interact with and interpret your life experiences. Empowerment feels a lot like expansion, where you can click into presence and simply create.

    Lives Versus Lies: Lives reflect actualization whereas lies can indicate dormancy.

    Not By Chance, By Choice: Your life lies in your hands, and it lives through your choice.

    Living Life: Life, lived healthfully with a growth orientation, is actual medicine- not to be taken lightly.

    Creators, Create: When creators (aka you) disconnect and drift from their power, they shut down- becoming withdrawn, apathetic and resigned- more susceptible to the idea of fate and waiting versus connecting, being present and creating.

    Shifting Linguistics and Perspective: Words matter, and our perspective shapes our experience. If we choose to believe in a benevolent universe, where all of life is happening through, for and with us- our system will feel calm and collected even in the midst of working through challenges.

    What would you add? Thoughts, questions, notes?


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