The Types of Stress and Underlying Differences

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    Next time you experience a stressful experience- acknowledge it, embrace it, go within, and see how you can grow through it. Truthfully, the most invasive intervention is to change the core of your belief system- dive deep and allow it to make you even stronger and more resilient than you already are!

    • Contraction vs. Expansion: As we grow in awareness, we begin to see, hear and receive the signs our systems are relaying more. Contraction comes when we feel distressed, tense and shut down, whereas expansion comes when we feel open, free and at peace.
    • Types Of Stress: There is a type of stress that is indicative of growth and expansion and a type that indicates a warning sign and a state of contraction.
    • Identifying The Differences: Identifying the differences takes time and space and the choice to be present with the material relayed- we can’t rush this process but we can choose to be there for it.
    • You Can Learn To Love Growth: Through increased awareness and a plugging in and turning towards the process, we can engage a state of inquiry that can shift our experience into a draw versus a push.
    • Taking Pride In Yourself: By choosing to grow versus stagnate and uphold the old and outdated models you know you can opt out of, you can and will begin to take your power back and build up your self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem. When you align your choices with growth, you begin to take pride in yourself- acclimating towards a new preference and model to choose from.



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