What Are the Principles of Supplementation?

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    Supplementation can be a great therapeutic addition to a healthy mindset, diet and lifestyle- but in no way can it replace it. Supplements can help to support you on your own path to radiant health, freedom and becoming who you truly are.

    Not all supplements are created equal. Like any industry, there is a difference in quality between supplement companies and individual products. Because of this, it is better purchasing high integrity products from reputable companies to ensure optimal results.

    When introducing a supplement plan, it’s also important to introduce one at a time so that you can monitor and observe for any adverse reactions and/ or noticeable benefits. It is best to introduce one new supplement every two to three days so you can carefully track and monitor the experience.

    The 4 Categories of Supplementation

    1. Food Based Supplementation is a great place to start. Nature is beyond intelligent, and the more we can receive high quality nutrients and therapeutic benefits directly from her, the better.
    2. Core Supplementation can be helpful in creating a solid foundation for the process. This category is more maintenance in nature, and it’s recommended when one has a chronic nutrient imbalance, compromised function or just needs help rounding out.
    3. Therapeutic Supplementation is more active and healing in nature. In this category, we work strategically to balance out specific qualities and functions. Once the gaps are bridged and function is optimized, therapeutic supplementation has done its job and is no longer needed.
    4. Acute Supplementation is the most symptomatic in nature, used on the fly, to assist the mind and body with speed. This type of supplementation is appropriate for emergencies and is not meant for long term use.

    Finally, as always, remember to follow your intuition and read the signs as they come to you! If you are drawn to a certain doctor, program or supplement regime, check it out, do your homework, and see where it leads you. No one knows you or your body better than you do. Tap in.


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