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    Gluten is type of protein known as prolamin, naturally found in some grains including wheat, barley, and rye. This protein acts as a binder, or glue, holding foods together and adding a stretchy quality, helping edibles keep their shapes. Think of pizza dough having that malleable characteristic, or baked goods such as bread, bagels, cookies, and cake.

    Gluten is considered an inflammatory because it contains high levels of anti-nutrients, which are proteins that can bind with and interfere with the absorption and digestion of nutrients in your gut. This can then lead to inflammation. Gluten also produces the release of zonulin in the body. Zonulin, another protein, controls the opening and closing of junctions in the gut lining. The release of zonulin takes over natural selective permeability and opens junctions regardless of what should be allowed into your bloodstream. This can cause an immune response in your body, also leading to systemic inflammation.


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