How to Treat Trouble with Sleep

Sleep is where we can repair, regenerate and detoxify so that we can wake up with resourcefulness into the next day. Insomnia and trouble sleeping can be made simple through functional medicine, where we can apply mindset, diet, lifestyle, supplementation and holistic devices to heal- improving the quality of your whole life in the process.

  • The Essence of Sleep: Diet is never just about diet, sleep is never just about sleep. It is an investment in the self, an honoring of the human experience and your dynamic biology, by working with rather than against nature. Sleep assists us in detoxifying, integrating our experiences and processing the day- in order to wake up and apply what we have learned. 
  • Mindset and Sleep: The more you address throughout the day, the less you will have to fall asleep with. Now, this is a continual process, so start where you are, work with what you have- but give yourself the freedom to actively engage, create and release.
  • Diet and Sleep: Diet is key to health in general, and each person is unique and requires unique nutrients for optimal functionality. If we go to bed with symptoms or system imbalances, often caused by dietary triggers, sleep can be disrupted. Dr. Brooke recommends the reset diet, found in our Mind Body Reset program to discover what foods fit your system.
  • Lifestyle and Sleep: Good sleep starts when you wake up. Resetting your circadian rhythm, and going with the natural flow is important. It is also important to monitor screen time, make sure your bedroom is at an ideal temperature, darkness and more.
  • Supplementation: Supplementation can be a great therapeutic addition to a healthy mindset, diet, and lifestyle- but in no way can it replace it. For sleep, Dr. Brooke recommends starting with Magnesium Glycinate before trying other supplements such as a sustained release melatonin. For dosages, check our blog companion. For a practical guide on supplements, check here
  • Therapeutic Devices: You can also look into the Fisher Wallace Stimulator, an at home device- much like meditation in a gadget, which has wonderful results with insomnia, mental health and pain disorders.
  • Free Consultation: For more on supplements and to receive 15% off all of our recommendations, you can sign up for a free consultation with Dr. Brooke Stuart and we will make sure to set you up in our online dispensary


The Let Go & Grow® Mind Body Reset is a 6 week program which includes mindset training and a 28 day reset diet- built to set you free and provide you with the tools that can help you heal yourself time and time again. To find out more about the Mind Body Reset, check here. For more support and a tried & true springboard that can help you address the fundamentals and unlock your power to heal, sign up for a free consultation with Dr. Brooke Stuart right here!

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