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If you are interested in a recommendation, feel free to reach out here so that we can research and assist you to the best of our ability.

Resource Links

• Fisher Wallace Stimulator is a wonderful tool for anxiety, depression, insomnia and other cognitive disorders. It regulates your brain and body’s own ability to create neurotransmitters. I’ve heard people call it “meditation in a gadget”.

• HeartMath products help to transform the stress response and bring you into a state of coherence through guided visualization and heart rate variability (HRV) measurement.


• Thrive Market is a membership-based grocery store where you can purchase healthy shelf stable foods, beauty and lifestyle products for great prices.
• Vital Choice sends wild caught seafood and other organic products right to your door.
• Well Amy helps you shop and sort foods based on your specific needs


• Against All Grain by Diane Walker is a great online resource filled with gluten, grain and dairy free options
• Elana’s Pantry is a great website with lots of recipes including dessert for all kinds of special diets.
• Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook is filled with healthy, delicious options. Juli is also the founder of, where she posts a ton of free
• Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo is filled with over 120 easy recipes with notes for specialty cases and common food allergens


• Berkey Water Filters are a great, cost effective water filtration system. I highly recommend adding the fluoride water filter to the standard unit, especially if you live in an area where fluoride is still in the water.


Lightphoria Light Lamp mimics the rays of the sun and is the perfect, portable gadget to help regulate your natural sleep-wake cycle and clear low energy levels, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), jet lag and abnormal hours.

• Biomats combine far infared and negative ion technology with amethyst crystals to balance, relax and detox the body.

• Sunlighten Infared Saunas help you to sweat from the inside out and detox at a deep level.

  •  Here is the link to Fullscript, our online supplement dispensary, where you can receive 15% off all supplements and review general recommendations for different conditions. If you have any questions or need any supplement recommendations, feel free to reach out to us directly at

    • Austin Air Filters are medical grade home air filters and help to detox homes for everyone, especially those who have trouble sleeping, chemical sensitivity, asthma or severe allergies.

    • Diffusers are a great way to bring essential oils into your home. There are many wonderful options but I personally like the Green Air Spa Glow Diffuser because it is glass blown and circular and can be found for a good price on

    • Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps emit negative ions, which work to purify and clean the air. There are many wonderful options but I recommend Evolution Salt Co. because it can be found for a good price on


    • Environmental Working Group (EWG) is an incredible organization and useful online resource that will be able to help you navigate through and weed out toxic products so you can make choices that support your health and vitality. Skin Deep is their cosmetics database.
     I Read Labels For You is a great online resource to help you make wise, healthy everyday product choices.

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