Eating Out

Eating out can be such a fun, life enhancing experience that I have no intention of taking away from anyone! I want all of my patients to live their lives to the fullest- which is just another reason I love the MBR diet. You can always go out for coffee or tea or eat a giant steak and vegetables or salmon, salad and white rice. The best restaurants have the most intentionality and the best ingredients anyways- and this doesn’t have to mean expensive- many of us have our favorite whole in the wall that makes the best salads, sushi chicken salad or what have you because they use real food, from the earth. So yes, you may need to explore and try some new things but there is absolutely no need to avoid social experiences while on the diet, and considering these ideas will make it that much easier.
  • Check the menu in advanced, and feel free to call them if you have questions.
  • If you are really hungry, eat a snack before you arrive or drink a couple of glasses of water.
  • Diet is never just about diet as we discussed it is about having the courage to place yourself and what you are up to in life first. So make sure to ask the important questions and say what you would like to say, for example: I don’t eat gluten or dairy, do you mind making sure keep that in mind as I order just in case we need to shift gears or remove an ingredient?
  • Feel free to get creative and order what you like (even if it’s an app, a salad and two sides)
  • Have tea or coffee for dessert!
Fast Food For Health Conscious Individuals [Click to Read Article] : Finding the time to prepare healthy meals every day can be quite difficult- especially if you are a busy individual. We don’t always have the time to make our meals, so knowing a few healthy fast food choices can help you stick to your health and fitness goals on the days you don’t have a meal planned.