On The Go + Travel Tips

It’s easier than ever to eat healthy on the go, from state to state and even country to country. Here are some initial thoughts.

Healthy food can be the fastest food! You can drink a lot of water, bring a health bar with you on the, travel with a tea bag, bring some fruit or nuts and seeds or just simply, know where the nearest Chipotle is. Yelp is also wonderful place- if you search organic, farm to table and- or gluten free you should see a number of wonderful options pop right up.

Healthy food can be found at a number of places now. Here is a quick list for some MBR approved ideas.

  • Chipotle: you can easily order a bowl with everything but the sour cream and cheese- if you are hungry get double protein and guacamole.
  • Starbucks: here, you can easily get a black coffee or tea with almonds and a piece of fruit, some of their prepared packages items can work as well just make sure to read the labels and give the gluten and dairy to a friend or the trash!
  • Gas Stations: strangely enough, many gas stations, including Wawa and 7-11 now carry a ton of gluten and dairy free options like pistachios, epic bars, fruit, sparkling water and more.