MBR Worksheets

Worksheet Descriptions

  • LG&G Matrix [attachment- download here]: The Let Go & Grow Matrix is a worksheet strategically designed to assist you in reviewing what is and isn’t working and why- It is important to fill it out on the first day of each week of the reset. In the 4 quadrants: intention, goals, let go (the distraction, the noise that does not serve you, that creates a downward spiral and is unproductive at best, to let go of) & grow (this is the list of your fundamentals, that you can implement and focus on, your go-to’s), you have an opportunity to reflect, get clear, and connect with your inner compass making it that much easier to engage in change and navigate through the chaos and confusion that can accompany intentional growth. When you are feeling unclear, look here.
  • Holistic Journal Pages [attachment- download here]: The holistic journal page is built to keep you accountable and on track through the 28 day reset and beyond. It is strategically built to create momentum from start to finish and as you move into the days that follow. It is to be filled out everyday of the reset All you have to do is fill it out digitally or hand write it, whichever you prefer!
  • Wins of the Week [attachment- download here]: This worksheet was designed with the intention to create a continual container where wins are celebrated and acknowledged at the end of each week to help build confidence and internalize your accomplishments. It is to be filled out on the last day of each week. For example, if you begin the reset on a Monday, you would fill out this worksheet on Sunday