A Guide to Getting to Know Yourself Better

Written by Julianne Sack, 2023 Let Go & Grow Summer Intern
Edited by The LG&G Team


One of the most profound and rewarding adventures we can embark on in life is the journey of self-evolution. It’s a path that leads us to discover our true essence, unlock our potential, and create a life of authenticity and fulfillment. Living life in connectivity with others and being able to love means we need to be connected with ourselves first. Some of us are very reluctant to change or find it difficult to interact with people who think differently than they do. Growth can look different for everyone and I think that is the key step to truly transforming; realizing that your growth looks different to someone else’s growth.

Delving Into the Depths

As we venture deeper into our inner world, we encounter a mosaic of emotions, experiences, and beliefs. This dive can be overwhelming as we fully let our guard down allow ourselves to become transparent. This is like a polar plunge into a sea of self-reflection, where we confront our fears, insecurities, and past wounds. By acknowledging and accepting these aspects of ourselves, we are then able to gain a clearer understanding of our strengths and weaknesses, which, in turn, allows us to build a solid foundation for growth and our own confidence.

Finding Peace in Solitude

Something I have noticed as I got older was how many people feel like they need to be dependent on someone or people to do the things they want to do. This to me creates a sort of distraction away from the possibility of being able to be alone in our thoughts. Don’t get me wrong, some friends are like my journals and I just tell them everything that is going on and it feels like a huge release. But, I think setting time aside to be on your own and really feel what you’re feeling is where change can flourish. In this, we can begin to move out of our heads and into our systems where we can explore feelings, thoughts and all of the parts of us. Even if it is just reading a book or dancing out to music on your own, I think it can be really beneficial to learning who you are.

Cultivating Self-Compassion

Along the path of self-evolution, we inevitably stumble and fall. It is in these moments of vulnerability that self-compassion becomes our most faithful companion. Trying to find stability can be hard, in an article titled “On Finding Stability Within Yourself,” by Dr. Brooke Stuart, she mentions how “…we can continually ground ourselves through the fundamentals (healthy mindset, diet and lifestyle basics) that we can rely on. In this, through simple, self care practices we begin to learn that we can rely on ourselves. With this reliance comes trust and self-confidence which can be built and deepened over time. This creates an ecosystem of safety and security, that cannot be taken away, and that stabilizes the systems through life’s many transitions”. We learn to treat ourselves with kindness, understanding that mistakes and setbacks are simply stepping stones on the road to growth.By nurturing self-compassion, we create a nurturing environment for our personal transformation to flourish.

Expanding Perspectives

As we evolve, our perspectives widen in every direction. We become more open-minded, embracing diverse ideas and experiences. This part for me is really at the forefront of learning who we are because through these new shifts in ideas we tap into a side of ourselves we did not know could be possible. Traveling to new places, engaging in meaningful conversations, and seeking out different cultures broadens our horizons and challenges our preconceived notions. This expansion of perspectives enables us to see the world—and ourselves—in a new light.

Embracing Authenticity

At the core of self-evolution lies authenticity. It is the act of wholeheartedly embracing our true selves, embracing our quirks, passions, and dreams. When we shed the masks we wear for others’ approval and live in alignment with our values and beliefs, we create a life that is uniquely ours, radiating genuine joy and fulfillment. Like Dr. Brooke explains it in her article titled “Growing our Capacity to Listen” she states, “Being authentic requires that we begin to put our authentic self first…loving ourselves, our children and our life experiences extends into the commitment to reach within, take ownership, generate awareness and choose knowing that what works best for us is best for all”.

I think this greatly entails the power of being ourselves, knowing who we are and trusting our decisions.

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Julianne Sack

Julianne Sack comes from a small town in southwest Florida known as Naples where she lived most her life and decided to come to Orlando to study Biomedicine. Julianne’s parents are both immigrants from South America who came to the states for not only a better life for themselves but a better life for their future children. Julianne has always enjoyed challenges and believed a medical career would suit her ethic, but as she grew up, she discovered a lot of corruption and dishonesty in the medical field and decided this may not be the right path for her. During the quarantine of Covid-19, she spent a lot of time with herself and started to learn a lot about the power of the mind and healing the body through more natural remedies and activities. In turn, Julianne’s path for her future now consists of functional medicine and holistic counseling.

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