Alternative Positions While Working on the Computer

Written by Gavin Sklar, 2023 Let Go & Grow Summer Intern
Edited by The LG&G Team

While sitting is the most common position for computer work, it may be beneficial to explore alternative positions to enhance comfort, prevent certain body pains/strains, and boost productivity. By prioritizing your well-being and adopting alternative positions, you can create a healthier and more productive work environment.

For more information on movement and how we can integrate this practice into our everyday lives, feel free to check here. In this article, we will explore some alternative positions while working on the computer that may work well for you. Links for the equipment used can be found below for your reference!


This position is with a comfortable pad for the knee on the ground. Here, the legs get a stretch, our core works to stabilize the body, and the computer is at eye level not to strain the neck. 

Sitting With Good Posture

Here, I am still sitting, but doing so at the front of the chair so my core is activated, my shoulders are back and down, and the computer is at eye level. This position minimizes strain across the whole body and therefore minimizes the harmful effects of sitting.


Here, I am standing, and doing so being equally balanced on both feet, with my shoulders in good position, and my neck not tilted too much. It is important to keep the computer as close to eye level as possible to decrease the strain on the neck, which can subsequently lower the risk for other physical ailments. In this case, although the computer is low, my head is mostly centered with my body, with my eyes doing more movement than the neck.

In this picture, I am wearing an awesome shirt from the Kinesiology Department at UCF!

It is important to note that the practices included in this article are not all-or-none. Feel free to experiment with particular positions and see which work best for you! You can even make your own creative and comfortable working position. With expanded awareness of how our body feels in the position it is in, we can begin to make changes that align with the best, and healthiest version of ourselves. 


Gavin Sklar

Gavin Sklar is someone who strives for excellence in everything he does and is. He is passionate about feeling his best within his own body and helping others do the same. Gavin grew up playing plenty of sports with his main sport being baseball where he competed at the Varsity level in High School and was the team captain for his senior year. Sports taught Gavin the values of commitment, discipline, and effort while doing something that he loves. Additionally, growing up as the oldest of 4 children and later on the captain of the high school baseball team, he needed to learn how to lead others in many different ways for both an optimal family and team dynamic. Now, Gavin holds the positions of Content Writer at Let Go & Grow International and President of the Holistic Living Organization at UCF where he aims to grow and impact others on a daily basis. 

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