Resonance In Our Daily Lives As Humans

Written by Julianne Sack, 2023 Let Go & Grow Summer Intern
Edited by The LG&G Team


Recently, something I have been thinking a lot about was how my organic chemistry professor, Dr. Paul Lawrence, described each and every one of us as our own unique compounds made up of  similar elements and atoms, but what makes us unique is the way each of us resonates with our  environment.

What is resonance? Resonance, in chemical compounds, is when certain pi electrons in a compound move around to create the most stable form of itself and not only does it add to its stability but also, its ability to react with other compounds and potentially, its ability to react with itself. Resonance comes from the latin root “resonantia” which means to ‘re-sound’ or to ‘sound together’. The way I understood this was how we humans “resonate” every day with the world around us and everything that comprises it, whether it’s with people, places, music, or even food.


Relationships in professional, romantic, and friendly settings are a huge way to cultivate emotional and social well-being. To form and grow these relationships, we have to set communication as a high priority for these experiences to unfold. At times, we have to give parts of ourselves up. In Dr. Brooke’s article titled Opening Up Part I, she states, “In opening up, we have the opportunity to engage in receptivity and reciprocal relationships- where we can give and release and receive and have-hold. In order to open up and experience flow and the effortless grace and ease available, we must have a properly built well constructed structure with a foundation that we can trust and rely upon.”

In a sense, opening up creates an option where we can actively listen and receive information and energy and turn it into  something of our own when we translate it, and then respond. The power of words and communication is truly powerful when we recognize that it is our own because you can say something and someone else can say the same thing but they will naturally sound differently because of the energy that we can put into words.

Communication is also very rewarding when we are authentic and vulnerable with not only the other person, but ourselves as well. Creating made up scenarios and telling these fallacies to others can severely change our own depiction of  ourselves and create a false lens that we see ourselves through, creating distortion that leads to disorientation instead of health and growth. Opening our bottled truth to ourselves and to others creates deeper connections and allows for more of a coherent state of resonance, “where the structural integrity is intact and stable enough to build upon”. 

Owning It

What kind of energy are you bringing to the table? Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it is hard to be bursting with positive vibrations when things just aren’t going how we intended them to. But, allowing yourself to feel these emotions and talking about it can create a new vision of light. This vision of light can let you feel knowing that it’s only a part of yourself so that you can expand beyond and open up to a shift through a conversation or new perspective that aligns with a better frequency.

Feeling the energetics of others can sometimes be intimidating but it is important that we don’t learn to fear pessimism and negativity, but rather own it and shift it because we are capable of doing so! When we gain our energy back and hone in, others will follow and naturally resonate with you  and can even show you new perspectives on what was deterring you.

Dr. Brooke has an article about a news casting she had with WKMG Channel 6 news where she talked about creating better relationships and in it she says “…the energy you bring into the relationship matters. The better you are, the better your relationships will be and the easier it is to show up, in the present moment, connect and make empowered choices. For example, when you are in a  healthy place, it is much easier to give and receive and listen and communicate rather than  perpetuate a toxic cycle. It’s easier to interrupt dysfunctional patterns and shift into a new one.”

The connections we make with others can really boost our energy as well. We can learn so much from talking to others, whether it’s informational learning or even learning about the person and their unique experiences. Bonding with others allows our hearts to  expand and we can get to know a lot about ourselves in this journey through opening up to do just this. Building connections takes time and effort. Be patient with the process and understand that not every  connection will resonate deeply and some may not resonate or work for you at all. Here, you can connect, get present, observe as you lean into your preferences along the way! 

For more information on building a solid foundation, check out the Let Go & Grow Mind Body Reset Program and other resources available on Let Go & Grow’s website.

Julianne Sack

Julianne Sack comes from a small town in southwest Florida known as Naples where she lived most her life and decided to come to Orlando to study Biomedicine. Julianne’s parents are both immigrants from South America who came to the states for not only a better life for themselves but a better life for their future children. Julianne has always enjoyed challenges and believed a medical career would suit her ethic, but as she grew up, she discovered a lot of corruption and dishonesty in the medical field and decided this may not be the right path for her. During the quarantine of Covid-19, she spent a lot of time with herself and started to learn a lot about the power of the mind and healing the body through more natural remedies and activities. In turn, Julianne’s path for her future now consists of functional medicine and holistic counseling.

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