Stress and Resilience

Written by Julianne Sack, 2023 Let Go & Grow Summer Intern
Edited by The LG&G Team


In today’s hustle and bustle, it can be difficult to keep up with ourselves, friends, and family. Stress has become an unwelcome company for many- the pressure to meet deadlines, manage relationships, and achieve success can lead to overwhelming stress levels. However, the good news is that stress is not an unconquerable beast. With the right strategies and mindset, it is possible to overcome stress and create a more balanced, fulfilling life. 

Recognizing That Stress is Present  

When you get a moment to yourself and become aware of your own thoughts this can be very powerful in a step towards relief. Stress can manifest itself physically, emotionally, and behaviorally. Common signs  include increased irritability, headaches, sleep disturbances, difficulty  concentrating, and a lack of motivation. Something I found really helpful was flipping the switch from stress being a negative to rather it being more of a positive.

Having a different outlook on stress can be a big step towards relief and otherwise can turn into eustress. Eustress is the beneficial kind of stress kind of like the good cholesterol versus the bad kind. Eustress can be very motivational and often feels like a wave of excitement. In Dr. Brooke’s article titled “The Holistic Approach; Clearing  Stress,” she states, “stress is a part of the human experience, a natural part of being alive, which is something to be grateful for in of itself. Next time you experience a challenge, acknowledge it, embrace it, go within and see how you can grow through it.”

The Power of Positive Vibes  

Deciding to succumb to stress can feel like you’re hitting rock bottom, especially if you’re in an environment that feeds off of this negativity. I think it can be a real struggle trying to find the right crowd for you or realizing who your true friends are that are always going to be there to support you, not judge you. But it is easy to realize who in your life or what in your life is bringing you down rather than lifting you up. Surround yourself with positivity! Fill your life with people who uplift you, listen to inspiring podcasts or audiobooks, and read books that motivate you to conquer the world. Optimism is contagious, and positive vibes can help you feel less worried and more motivated to overcome any stress hurdle.  

Healthy Activities Worth Your Time  

Exercise is not just for getting rock-hard abs or toned biceps. There are many positives to getting a consistent workout routine that can help develop positive and productive habits. According to Professor Grace McGregor at Brigham Young University, she states, “it is important to note that exercise does not decrease stress hormones, but it does decrease the number of stress  receptors in the hippocampus. Reducing stress receptors minimizes the effect  of stress hormones on the brain, decreasing the impact of stressful  experiences.” Meaning that exercise is not a direct method to cure stress, but it is an effective treatment for it.

Another activity/method that can be very  effective is known as Emotional Freedom Tapping. This method comes from the Chinese practice of Acupuncture, where it is said that certain points on  our bodies are like receptors to increase the flow of energy. Dr. Brooke’s article, “On EFT Tapping” has been very beneficial to gain my own clarity and lower stress levels. To start doing EFT tapping, you will need a phrase that pertains to what is stressing you, giving you anxiety, or a pain in your body. One example Dr. Brooke gives is: “even though I’m feeling  anxiety because of work related stress, I choose to relax and feel safe now.” Repeat the phrase as you go along gently tapping these areas that she states are the eyebrow, side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, on the chin, top of the collarbone, under the arm or armpit, and lastly, the top of your head.

Prioritizing and Organizing Time  

I used to always catch myself (and I still do) saying that “there isn’t enough time in the day to do these things I need to do.” It felt like my to-do list just kept getting bigger and bigger and that it was never-ending. Once I decided that it was time to prioritize certain things over the others, time became my best friend. Creating a routine that works for you and your schedule can significantly help reduce stress levels, but it is important to note that when the routine falls apart during the week, there is time for you to pick  yourself back up. Setting some realistic goals and celebrating your accomplishments creates a flow of motivation for yourself and can help see the brighter side to staying busy, rather than stressed.

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Julianne Sack

Julianne Sack comes from a small town in southwest Florida known as Naples where she lived most her life and decided to come to Orlando to study Biomedicine. Julianne’s parents are both immigrants from South America who came to the states for not only a better life for themselves but a better life for their future children. Julianne has always enjoyed challenges and believed a medical career would suit her ethic, but as she grew up, she discovered a lot of corruption and dishonesty in the medical field and decided this may not be the right path for her. During the quarantine of Covid-19, she spent a lot of time with herself and started to learn a lot about the power of the mind and healing the body through more natural remedies and activities. In turn, Julianne’s path for her future now consists of functional medicine and holistic counseling.

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