The Journey of Energetic Communication

Written by Julianne Sack, 2023 Let Go & Grow Summer Intern
Edited by The LG&G Team


As a sophomore in college, I’m starting to understand the powerful connection between the heart and mind. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I had a lot of time to myself in quarantine and began to think about the wanders of the mind. I wanted to know not only who I was, but also, who I wanted to be. Growing up, I was always told that knowledge is power, but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve come to realize just how true this statement is. Knowledge helps us make decisions with our hearts and minds- working together as one. But this knowledge is totally arbitrary because one can have so much knowledge- so much certainty of who they are- that someone who understands quantum mechanics or the theory of relativity wishes they could comprehend. This kind of knowledge is known as emotional intelligence and can shift into wisdom further on in life to integrate into our future endeavors. 

The Heart and Mind

The heart can be seen as an emotional compass guiding us along our journey through life while the mind provides us with a logical perspective on situations helping us make decisions. It’s important to recognize that both of these aspects are fundamentally different and both require different practices to help us focus and connect. When we take into consideration not only what we think but also what we feel, it enables us to make more balanced choices that reflect our values and beliefs. In addition, when both parts work together harmoniously they provide us with greater insight into ourselves which can help lead to personal growth and development. This harmony enables us to achieve a state of reflection where we learn to say goodbye to the old and bring out a new version of ourselves. I believe this is why it is so important to make room to spend time with ourselves and get to know what is inside of this amazing vessel that was given to us.

The Heart Based Practice

For this reason, I really enjoyed learning about Dr. Brooke Stuart’s heart based practice. Not only does it focus on putting ourselves first but also gives us time to build a relationship with our hearts. The function of the practice allows us to gain direction and purpose solely through our heart rhythm. We are able to gain clarity about who we are and where we want to go by taking time out from everyday hustle-and-bustle routine activities; allowing ourselves moments of introspection so that our innermost thoughts become visible enough for examination from both perspectives- heart & mind.

You Choose Your Reality

This newfound appreciation has been really empowering as it allows me to explore my feelings while still grounding myself in logic; providing me with the confidence that I know that I have control over my own destiny both my intuition (heart) & intellect (mind), because we truly are the creators of our own reality. In the Let Go & Grow Holistic Guidebook, Dr. Brooke Stuart mentions this amazing statement which states, “you have the power to choose your perspective, how you see the world, focus, where you direct your attention, language, the words you choose to use, physiology, how you treat your body organism, etc- all of which impact your energy, state of being and how you influence and show up in each moment and the world.” 

This to me is enough to say that we are enough and that everything we do and say has meaning and power. A while ago, probably during my senior year of high school I kept running into the mom of one of my best friends, who also happens to be the most free-spirited person that I know. After the third time of seeing each other “unintentionally” she came up to me and told me that it was no coincidence that this kept happening because she almost did not walk into the thrift store that day and yet she did. So, she decided to tell me about this book she read when she was around my age and how it immensely shifted her perception on life, the book being The Celestine Prophecy

She sent me the book to my apartment in Orlando just a week later and I dove into it right away. This book mentions just how unsubtle coincidences are in our lives and that it is important not to overlook these “coincidences” but to in fact, embrace them. 

The most captivating part about this book though I believe is how he mentions that there are three insights in our lifetime that we ought to achieve. The thing about these insights is that over a century ago, society did not care to think about such things. Only certain philosophers, such as Aristotle thought in a more “insightful” way and other people believed them to be crazy. Author James Redfield mentions this idea of how over a grand period of time, society will start to shift more and more towards the ideas of enlightenment and begin to ask those questions about “who am I?” or “what is my purpose on this planet?”, that many people back then did not seem to pay much attention to. He calls this a “conscious evolution,” or what one may call “a lot of people undergoing a spiritual awakening”.

Energetic Communication

All of us are intertwined with a unique energy that is catered toward us and our connections we are able to make with others. These “forces” are very relative to today’s day and age and are still a field of inquiry for many scientists and organizations who are trying to put together these intense puzzle pieces. HeartMath Institute has done immense research on the idea of how our surroundings and external energies affect our heart’s ‘coherence’, is a non-profit institute where their main goal is how we can become more empowered directors of our future.The main model for their research is through using Heartmath Tech in which you are able to measure your coherence level by analyzing your heart rate while the technology displays your heart rhythm. This allows people to instantly correlate and validate their thoughts and emotions to their heart’s coherence.  Energetic communication refers to the transmission and reception of subtle energy, or vibrations, between two people. This type of communication can be both verbal and nonverbal,as well as intentional or unintentional. 

When we project out loud from a holistic perspective, energetic communication is an incredibly complex phenomena with numerous components that must all be taken into account when exploring its intricacies. At its most basic level, energetic communication consists of two distinct processes: sending and receiving energy. When someone sends out energy through words or physical gestures, they are essentially broadcasting their feelings to another person who then receives it in some form—whether through direct experience with the sender’s physical presence or indirectly by picking up on subtle cues such as tone and body language during conversation.

This exchange of vibrations occurs on multiple levels: conscious (which involves our awareness), unconscious (which operates without our knowledge) and subconscious (the realm where deep-seated patterns exist). If you’ve ever experienced a wave of negativity or positivity through the entry of someone’s being then you have experienced energetic communication. The next time you connect with someone or a group of people, think about how your energy intensifies or becomes dulled. Let Go & Grow will typically refer to this as a sense of expansion versus contraction

For more on energetic communication and information on the toroidal field, check here. For more information on how to create radiant health, have freedom and live a life true to you, check out the Let Go & Grow Mind Body Reset Program!

Julianne Sack

Julianne Sack comes from a small town in southwest Florida known as Naples where she lived most her life and decided to come to Orlando to study Biomedicine. Julianne’s parents are both immigrants from South America who came to the states for not only a better life for themselves but a better life for their future children. Julianne has always enjoyed challenges and believed a medical career would suit her ethic, but as she grew up, she discovered a lot of corruption and dishonesty in the medical field and decided this may not be the right path for her. During the quarantine of Covid-19, she spent a lot of time with herself and started to learn a lot about the power of the mind and healing the body through more natural remedies and activities. In turn, Julianne’s path for her future now consists of functional medicine and holistic counseling.

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