Jennifer Watson – Rock Your Rock Bottom

Jennifer Watson speaks about letting go of her old negative beliefs and the importance of learning from rock bottom. There is so much transcendence on the other side- and you are fully capable of overcoming any challenges you may encounter. You are truly a unique individual with your own gifts to serve the world. She tells her story on how she rocked her rock bottom and reinvented herself for the better.

Hitting rock bottom can be the beginning of gaining a fresh perspective- allowing yourself to question everything that you’ve ever thought to be true. You can build yourself up again with a new view based with a renewed sense of clarity. Letting go of the old always creates space for the new and soon new ideas, opportunities, people, gifts, etc. start to come into your life experiences. The bottom is a great springboard to push yourself up back to the surface- and rise even higher.

You are worthy of getting everything your heart desires. You are here on this Earth to give and love in the best way that you know how. The beautiful thing about sharing your gifts is that it will connect you to the world again. Rock on!


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Jennifer Watson

Jennifer is a dynamic motivational speaker and integrative physical therapist with a gift for intuitive and visionary coaching. She is an expert in self-empowerment, mental wellness, post-trauma growth, and leadership mastery. As the owner of Jennifer Watson Leadership/Watson Wellness, she is passionate about helping others achieve their own greatness with authenticity. With over 18 years of experience in business and leadership management and health + wellness advocacy, she inspires others to unleash their potential and performance in all areas of their life.



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