Kevin Moran – Taking Pride In Your Identity

One of Kevin’s biggest challenges has not only been accepting, but also authentically living out, his queer identity. This challenge was placed into his lap at a young age where he began to recognize feelings of interest in persons of the same sex as him starting in preschool. While he didn’t know the logistics yet of what that meant, he knew that people who looked like him made his heart jump in a particular way. However, as Kevin grew older, he began to realize that the larger society generally deemed this to be not okay.
As Kevin continued to grow older, he learned that he was responsible for showing up for himself. He learned that living an authentic life was going to be up to himself. Now, every queer person has a different story- we all have different privileges that allow us to live our truth within a community of acceptance or not, but Kevin learned that he could either continue to lie about who he was as he became an adult, or he could begin to share his truth with those who earned the right to hear his story. Kevin chose the latter.


Once Kevin began to share his authentic self with the people he trusted, with people who he knew would hold a safe space for him, his relationship with himself changed. When he began to see himself in a more authentic, connected, and empowered light, he was able to plant the initial seeds of reframing the way he interacted with the world. Rather than opening himself up to the world’s criticisms, Kevin started to begin to recognize and say, “I, myself, am a worthy being. From here, I now see myself as a gift, like you.”


One of the most marvelous things about being queer is that our lives are in constant flux. We are always shifting, evolving, transforming- and this is true of people who are not queer, too! As humans, we are always growing into new versions of ourselves. Thus, at different stages and chapters of our lives, we find ourselves “on the other side” of who we once were. For Kevin, this has been a space of continual growth, continuing to learn who he is in this moment and embracing that person honestly.

Reflection From Kevin Moran:

Over the years, throughout my personal growth journey, I have learned to trust myself. I have learned to view myself and who I am as a “gift” and a “strength,” rather than something that is not worthy of being accepted. In addition, I have learned to let go of my desire to please every single person around me. By letting go of this desire and leaning into my authentic self, I have found the ability to attract people more closely-aligned with my energy, people who love and accept me for me.

Here are five key takeaways:

  • We Are Always In Transition: We are on a continuous journey of self discovery and the returning to ourselves and true identity.
  • On Coming Out: Through life, we are always coming out in new and different ways- here we have the opportunity to continue to get clear within ourselves and act, with courage, accordingly.
  • The Journey and the Destination Are One In The Same: We can allow ourselves to continuously change and evolve naturally by following the path that brings peace and feels like freedom. Here, we can learn how to enjoy the journey, with fulfillment, along the way.
  • Creating Safe Spaces: At times, we all must meet people where they are knowing that they may not be in a place to hear our truth – however, as a culture we can also continue to grow out of old and outdated models as we begin to accept and furthermore appreciate people for all that we are.
  • Cherishing Yourself: The definition of the word cherish means to protect and care for lovingly. Through setting this intention, we can begin to observe, without judgment, acknowledge, and furthermore appreciate what we know to be true in our hearts. Here, through this open and honest dialogue we can come out and come home as we learn to feel safe with ourselves- as we make the commitment through self care practices, which includes the courage to speak our truth continuously.

It is truly such an honor for us to have connected with you, Kevin. Thank you so much for sharing your growth story- you have certainly inspired us, and we know that you are continuing to inspire many other people as well- giving them the gift of the courage to live out their authentic lives. Please be sure to check out Kevin Moran’s The United Outsiders Podcast, a podcast for queer and allied folx to find empowerment and connected in one another. All links down below!


Do you have a personal growth story that you would like to share? We would love to feature you on our page! To contribute your authentic story about personal growth, please check here. We truly appreciate your time and intentions to help others #letgoandgrow.

Kevin Moran

Kevin Moran (he/him/his) is a health & wellness coach who helps queer folx overcome anxiety naturally in 8 weeks. He is also the host of The United Outsiders Podcast which offers mental wellness empowerment and resources for the queer and allied community. He lives in Hawaii with his husband and their dog, Ally. Check out his website here!


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