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Michael Dellafemina chose to go where he needed to go for help- regardless of how tired, fed up and drained he was from the many past unsuccessful attempts for freedom. There was an internal turmoil that haunted his life everyday which stole his sanity, his joy and his overall internal freedom. Through his journey, he learned to set his mind and make a decision to choose life everyday, fueled by faith! He chose freedom from the chains that bound him- freed from the lies that held him captive inside of his own mind- fueling his emotions and therefore his actions. Michael learned how to move forward no matter what challenges come up in life and learned to let go of fear at a crippling level. Letting go is always a work in progress, and it produces new challenges and opportunities to grow and also help other people. Remember that doing your best means never stop trying- Keep moving forward!

Here are five key takeaways:

  • Hope: A belief in a future means a belief in yourself now.
  • Show Up Everyday: Affirm life before it affirms you. Choose life before life chooses you by becoming available in the present moment.
  • Do What It Takes: Simply, it takes what it takes- and you have the power to decide.
  • Do Not Give Up: The grass is greener where you water it. Yes, give up old patterns but don’t give up on yourself.
  • You’ve Got This: Those who stay in the game will learn to play it. So remember to continuously focus on all that you are, all that you have and all that you can do. 

Michael is now a coach, manager and business owner by occupation. He hopes to serve in any way that he can to help others find their way to freedom. Thank you so much, Michael, for being a light in this world- don’t let anything break your stride.


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Michael J. Dellafemina

Michael J. Dellafemina is a Texan originally from Boston, Massachusetts and currently works as a personal development coach, manager and business owner where he encourages people to win daily. He loves music, sports, movies, games and of course, dad jokes. God is his number 1, his wife is his number 2, and everything that he does is to live out his destiny.


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