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Stefanie Grace (Nini) speaks about her experience overcoming an eating disorder that she was struggling with years ago. She had a bad relationship with herself- feeling a lack of self-love, self-confidence and self-value. Her mind was focused on all the wrong questions about food and her relationship with exercise was only about ways to “compensate the calories.” During her struggle, she reached a point where she didn’t think that change could ever be possible.

Nini allowed the space in her life to start healing by going to therapy, practicing yoga and working on her mindset- leading her down a path of learning to love herself and creating happiness from within. You have to believe that you’re strong enough to be a human that can endure whatever life throws at you. Believe Nini when she says that you DO have a choice, and you are more than capable of making that choice! At first, it will feel impossible and there might be struggles along the way, but please don’t give up.

Nini is now a traveling health coach working with people around the world to realize their full power and potential. Her mission is to support, inspire and help others to find their way to true joy. You can join her in workshops and retreats around the world. If you would like to find out more, check out her website here. Nini, thank you for sharing your growth story.



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Stefanie Grace (Nini)

Nini is currently a traveling health coach, working both online and in-person with her clients. In her coaching, she works with different tools – yoga, fitness, nutrition and mindset change- depending on the needs of the trainee. With her company “Ligaya – The Way of Joy,” she has made it her mission to support, inspire and help others to find their way to joy and self-love again. She wants everyone to experience the beauty of change and growth, realize their full power, and their full potential.



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