How To Release Shock And The Repeated Patterns That Come With It

Let’s talk about how to release shock and the repeated patterns that come with it. Learning to express our feelings in a healthy way, in the body and in the mind, is all part of the process to shift emotional distress and move it through and out of our bodies. We can learn how to recognize and accept our emotions as they come and go.

  • Frozen: When we fear the next moments, due often to trauma, we brace ourselves as our system works against the unknown to remain in the known for fear of stepping into a worst case scenario. In the animal kingdom, animals will freeze to feign death as an adaptive mechanism known as thanatosis.
  • Insidious Behaviors: Self sabotage and other behavioral mechanisms that work against our conscious goals and intent often come about as an adaptive response and protective mechanism as well- working against versus for us in an effort to remain in the same repetitive controlled cycles that we can come back from time and time again but never truly move forward through without a new approach.
  • Stored Memory: Often these memories are stored within the body. There is a great book called The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel van der Kolk, and that statement says it all!
  • Showing Up For Yourself: As a through-line, it is important to send your system a message of safety, where you can exhale through the healing energy of unconditional non judgment, observation and compassion.
  • Healing Mode: We can mobilize and shift into a healing mode through the light of our awareness as we move forward and make life affirming choices. We were born to heal, clear, release, process, let go and grow and just the acknowledgment of this possibility brings it one step further into a lived experience. When you know experiences can come full circle, there is no turning back.

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