How To Shift From Scarcity To Abundance

Let’s explore exactly how to shift the dial of our perception through a connection to what brings about expansion versus contraction and distress. So often, we invest time in separating the peas from the carrots versus coming home to remember we metabolize it all, and where we waste energy is in thinking in fragments versus focusing in on what matters, releasing control and dropping into the process from the present moment, moving forward with vision, valuing peace and clarity more than momentary discomfort that fixation may temporarily alleviate but never truly resolve- creating perpetual circuits of chaos that build until we are the ones to break. The way out is through, and it starts right here, right now, within you as you begin to remember all that you are, all that you have and all that you can do.

  • Scarcity: Scarcity can be defined as the absence of and a state of lack, being in short supply, inadequate, insufficient and not having enough. In order to bypass this model of being and learn to operate in a new way, we must learn how to rise above and shift it through an openness and a commitment to a continual reframe and change in perspective to direct our lives and choose choices from a place that honors the truth and the whole picture.
  • Awareness: By becoming aware and applying intentionality, we have the opportunity to reallocate our attention and shift into a state of abundance through appreciation- as we begin to see what may seem like a limitation or restriction as a gracious signal that can guide and direct us into becoming and being increasingly more of our true selves, experiencing more and more of our true nature.
  • Expansion & Growth: Here, through the utilization of perspective, we can rewire our systems from a depleted state, where reflexive reactions are readily available, to a state of expansion and growth, where abundance lies and we can finally unwind, exhale and take our time, seeing more of the whole picture and accessing more of ourselves in the process.
  • Who, What, & Where: By honoring who, what and where we truly are, we can begin to remove ourselves from the highs and lows and walk forward on solid ground, knowing that we have everything within ourselves to walk forward in this way. This, however, takes intentionality, commitment and faith- faith in yourself and the process of life- where we can begin to affirm life before it affirms us.
  • All About The Journey: It also takes a commitment to continual learning and engagement in the let go and grow process, where you can choose to show up for and receive the lessons available in each moment while also holding the vision for it to develop and emerge. This sort of mobilization requires courage, as you step forward, and out of a recirculated cycle, with a focus on all that you have, all that is within you and all that you can do.
  • Energy of Empowerment: You can make all of the same choices that you would otherwise make with the energy of empowerment, which creates confidence, momentum and the pure productivity only creation can bring about. Here, when the mind messages that you can’t, breathe through it, be with it until you remember you can, even if you can’t see the how just yet. Choosing to connect with a possibility you can’t see just yet is the first step in allowing it to develop.

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