About Let Go & Grow®

Here, at Let Go & Grow, we are working to create direct and approachable ways to experience health and growth as a springboard for more- through our own products, services and collaborative efforts, our intention is to curate and highlight solution-oriented methods to assist our community in living the life they are here to live and experiencing the power they are meant to have. The programs we build are evidence based and clinically effective systems for experiencing health and growth. Here, we work with individuals, teams and organizations to achieve their unique goals, and to enjoy the process, with fulfillment, along the way. Check out our LG&G Free MembershipPublishing House and Mind Body Reset Program for more resources!

The Let Go & Grow® Team

Dr. Brooke Stuart

Founder & CEO

Hi, I’m Dr. Brooke Stuart, and I am the founder and active president of Let Go & Grow®, as well as holistic doctor in private practice. In practice, I use a unique combination of holistic counseling and functional medicine to personalize and tailor treatment plans that can assist my patients in unlocking their own, intrinsic power to heal. These same principles and solution-oriented methods can also be found in the programs that I built on Let Go & Grow- where we are working to solve problems, build community and explore topics related to health and growth through online forums, resources and stories that extend far beyond what I have to offer. Here, we aspire to highlight the best of the best, collaborate with a variety of voices, feature what is relevant to you and share what works across time and space so we each have more options to choose from and work with moving forward.

Eileen Lin

Executive Assistant

Hi there, it’s very nice to meet you! My name is Eileen- I met Dr. Brooke Stuart at a presentation she was giving at a 2020 UCF Business Exchange event. She was hosting a talk titled, “Own Your Power. Lead Your Life,” I stayed afterwards to speak with her briefly, and eventually began to work with her as an intern, and now we are working together as a team every day! You may find me here on Let Go & Grow® as well as working with Dr. Brooke in her private practice, where she works as a holistic doctor. I’m happy to take the initiative and proactively support all of the objectives and goals of the Let Go & Grow® community as well as all of Dr. Brooke’s patients. It’s truly an honor to be a part of this wonderful community where we are assisting each other to live the life we are meant to live with the power we are meant to have.