Holistic Guide Book

Reflective of Dr. Brooke Stuart’s work in private practice, based on a combination of holistic counseling and functional medicine, the LG&G Holistic Guide Book is intended to be a direct guide into yourself. Throughout the Guide Book, Dr. Stuart provides the guidance, resources and tools that you need to clear issues, dissolve patterns, create health and access freedom in a continuous and sustainable way. Here, you have the opportunity to learn a process, an approach and a powerful perspective that has the ability to help you break through barriers in ways you never thought possible.

This Guide Book is meant to be both a therapeutic experience and a valuable resource that you can draw from time and time again- built strategically to be a vehicle for change with the unique ability to help you move forward, with momentum, walking on solid ground.

The Guide Book also includes a comprehensive Functional Support section for optimal health and well-being that dives into the following core categories: Mindfulness, Environment, Nutrition & Supplements, Detoxification, Lifestyle and Living In Alignment.