Growth Stories

Kevin Moran – Taking Pride In Your Identity

One of Kevin’s biggest challenges has not only been accepting, but also authentically living out, his queer identity. This challenge was placed into his lap at a young age where he began to recognize feelings of interest in persons of the same sex as him starting in...

Dawn Gaden – Owning Your Power To Choose

After having twins (and now a family of four beautiful boys) and buying a new home, Dawn Gaden’s husband lost his job and that was when she rose to the challenge and found a job that could support her family. Shortly after, she was diagnosed with cancer, which was a...

Michael J. Dellafemina – Keep Moving Forward

Michael Dellafemina chose to go where he needed to go for help- regardless of how tired, fed up and drained he was from the many past unsuccessful attempts for freedom. There was an internal turmoil that haunted his life everyday which stole his sanity, his joy and...

Jennifer Watson – Rock Your Rock Bottom

Jennifer Watson speaks about letting go of her old negative beliefs and the importance of learning from rock bottom. There is so much transcendence on the other side- and you are fully capable of overcoming any challenges you may encounter. You are truly a unique...

Stefanie Grace – Change is Possible

Stefanie Grace (Nini) speaks about her experience overcoming an eating disorder that she was struggling with years ago. She had a bad relationship with herself- feeling a lack of self-love, self-confidence and self-value. Her mind was focused on all the wrong...

Eileen Lin – Overcoming Comparison

Growth Stories is proud to feature Eileen Lin! Eileen is a 22-year-old University of Central Florida graduate from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She has faced the challenge of comparing herself to others all throughout high school and college. This self-degrading type of...

Samantha Ottimo – Learning to Say No

Growth Stories is proud to feature Samantha Ottimo!Samantha is a 21-year-old student athlete at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. She has faced the challenge of transferring colleges at a young age, and was bold enough to follow her heart during her journey....

Dr. Brooke Stuart – Listen To Your Heart

Dr. Brooke Stuart, the founder and active president of Let Go & Grow® International, speaks about listening to her heart and recognizing that she could make her own choices in life. What did she truly want to do? Dr. Brooke came in last place in a golf tournament...

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