Based on a true story, Zoë teaches parents, children, and everyone in between how to step up with themselves and grow through life’s many challenges. Zoë Climbs The Stairs is the first book in our Let’s Grow With Zo children’s book series, all about how to face your fears, activate courage, and build self-confidence. This book is dedicated to you, my readers, and to my guardian angel, Zoë Hart, who brought a bright and irreplaceable light to my life and to everyone she met. Zoë, you taught me how to love and be loved unconditionally, feel joy and open up my heart- to my readers, I hope she does the same for you. Let’s Grow With Zo!


This book was read to my child at school. She loved it so much, we had to purchase it for home!

– Amanda Locke

When I read this book, I thought “wow, every kid and actually every adult could benefit from this story.” From the story, to the writing, and the illustrations, this book is top-notch. Highly recommended.

– Ashley Moorefield